Shape It Up: A Guide to Trimming and Filing Your Nails

Shape It Up: A Guide to Trimming and Filing Your Nails

Knowing how to properly groom the nails is an essential part of having a healthy nail care routine. On this blog, we’re going to share some tips on how to trim and file your nails to achieve a well-manicured look!

Tip #1. Get the right tools

File your nails and keep them healthy and strong by using the right tool:

nami magic nail file

  • nami magic nail file - The best nail filing technique can be achieved by using a nail file with a long-lasting sharpness. Worry not, because this nail care product is gentle on the nails and reusable, too! It is also easy to be cleaned and 100% washable which can prevent bacterial infection.

  • Tip #2. Choose a nail shape

    Did you know that the nail shape that you have is greatly influenced by your genes? That is why we have to consider the shape of the cuticle and nail bed when maintaining the nail's shape. This can also be the reason why it seems easy to work with the natural nail shape, but if you’ve been wanting to try another style, here are some we can suggest:

    Almond Nails
    Almond - If you want to see your nails with tapered sides and rounded peaks, go for almond.


    Round Nails

    Round - You can never go wrong with round because it’s the typical natural shape! Make sure to straightly file the sides then go for a semicircle tip.


    Square Nails

    Square - Take a closer look at your nails — if they are nicely flat across the top with sharp corners, they must be fairly square!


    Ballerina Nails

    Ballerina - Resemble a ballerina’s slipper by having a square point tip. Usually, the nails are filed to become narrower from the nail bed.

    Tip #3: Trim your nails regularly and file them according to your chosen shape

    Save your nails from being weak by filing them in one direction.

  • For long nails, cut the nail with your desired length before filing. Be sure to take it slow when filing from the outside corner to the middle.
  • For short nails, cut the nails with the same length if they are uneven then file your nails slowly from the outer edge to the centre. Be gentle in filing your nails so it won’t feel painful! 

  • Conclusion

    It’s normal to feel tempted to grow your nails for a long time, but you can maximise your nail filing experience by using the nami magic nail file. We can assure you that this nail care product has a gentle texture, and it’s also very convenient to carry around!

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