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Everything that makes you who you are is beautiful. So be colourful, get playful, be classy, and stay beautiful with Nami. 

Nami is the most exciting innovation yet in nail care products in the Philippines. It’s the first vegan, 18-free, non-toxic, water-based, chip-resistant nail polish in the country.  With Nami, you finally get to say goodbye to nail damage.

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revolutionising nail polish

Nami was created out of our conscious beauty manifesto-nail polish that’s health-friendly and nature-loving. We want to give you the best nail care experience with our formulation that’s water-based and free from 18 of the most common harmful ingredients that are found in your traditional nail polish products. We focused on making Nami extra-harmless, so you can focus on feeling extra beautiful.

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the eco-friendly choice

Nami nail polish is completely vegan, toxin-free, and cruelty-free. We truly mean it when we say that our nail polish is for everyone; we carefully crafted our products to keep you and our planet safe. We’ve re-imagined the way we make our beauty choices with our innovative solutions to non-eco practices in the beauty industry.

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why nami

Nami is a game changer in nail care. Now, you can look beautiful and feel beautiful! Stay stylish, breathe easy, and go all-natural with Nami.

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18-free list

Traditional nail polishes have stayed toxic for 70 years, so we’ve selected ingredients that are better for you and better for the planet.  


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