"My nails have never been healthier! Super love that it is lightweight on the nails and has  a super glossy finish even before applying a topcoat."
- Marie

"In our local dialect, the word nami means “nice” or “pretty” in Ilonggo, so the brand’s name is very fitting! 😍

I really like how the polishes are odorless and dries super quickly. I’m not very good at painting my nails on my own but these Nami polishes make it so easy! It applies smoothly & dries without the brush streaks even tho I applied it messily! I’m now able to do my nails 5 mins before I leave the house and go about my day. Such a breeze!"
- Patty E.

"I really like that it does not have any strong smell and the ingredients are all naturals since I break my nails all the time because of the previous nail products that I used."
- Gia A.

Based on 160 reviews
beach baby - mini summer nail polish bundle

such a nice set!

marry me - mini bridal nail polish bundle

happier than ever
Sheina Anacin

Elegant & Classic

water-based topcoat
Teresa Milagros Narciso
Great Shine!

Love the added shine from this topcoat !

easy on me
Kyla Valencia

I love the it! Its my first time to try a nail polish, so far its easy to use & glide on the nails. The colors are my aesthetic too. Will purchase again!

never worn white
Sherry Vergara

I ordered two items, but only received one. However, the company's customer service was top-notch. They were very gracious and quickly sent me the missing item, making the whole process very smooth sailing. Overall, I love their products, and to top it off, I received the nail file for free! Highly recommend!

water-based topcoat
Liezl Gutierrez

water-based topcoat

never worn white
Mary Jean Palabrica

Good quality

easy on me
Eirene Marie Salazar
Easy on me

Aside from the color and smooth finish, I love that it’s odor and toxin free. Just what I needed. Thanks, Nami!

dancing in the sky
Carmel Dayrit
I simply love it!

It's been my favorite ever since i used it. I couldn't say more

easy on me
Jannet de Lara
Love it

I love how it dries fast. My suggestion is to put a label on the bottle itself so that we can recall the name of the product if needs a review or re purchase. I don’t have the box anymore.

blood red lips
Carmel Dayrit
Blood red lips review

I like that it is vegan and all natural, i just think it's not that red for me, it's more like very dark pink. I need to coat 3 to 4 times before i can get the red shade that i want. I hope you can improve the shade so that its name "Blood Red" can be kept. It's just the shade but everything else about it, i love ❤️😊

marry me - mini bridal nail polish bundle

Great products

Came in a nice package. Applies easily and dries fast. Not toxic and does not chip off. Thank you for this perfect polish for my nails.


So nice and i love the colors ..😊

I love it! 🥰🥰🥰

classy girl collection

I love your products. I have ordered from you multiple times already. I really love the colors of your nail polish. And I love the nail polish remover, too. Since they’re water-based, it is safe for me to use, eventhough I am currently undergoing chemo. At least, I can still have great nails 😉

Nice, neat looking nails in 30 seconds!

Just the thing to put on your nails if you want a pro, neat look in a cinch.

the green leaves of summer
Jennifer Aquino Diola
Green Leaves of Summer is totally my new fave!

It’s super nice on my nails. It complements my complexion. I thought it’s too dark at first but it’s super nice! I can put once if I want lighter shade and put more if I want darker

water-based topcoat
malou tobias

water-based topcoat

2nd order

On my first order, the products’ promises were all true like no smell and quick dry. I really loved the products. I only had a problem with their delivery, but they made up for it and delivered. I gave that first order 4 stars only because of the delivery problem. Then i made this 2nd order, products are still great and i love it, the delivery this time was smooth. This deserves 5 stars! Looking forward to their new products if they plan to make new ones and will definitely order.

don't call me angel
Andrea Montemayor
Love the colors!

Its so beautifully made ❤️Easy to apply and it suites any occasion ❤️❤️

2nd order

This is my 2nd order from nami, i am very happy and satisfied. The items are complete. I havent tried any of the polishes yet, but i am sure that it works as promised bec i have already tried some from my 1st order. The delivery this time was very smooth and fast. 5 stars!