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34 of People's Most Relatable and Funny Toxic Traits

Whether it’s being late to literally everything or working on a project at the very last minute, we all share at least one “toxic” trait. 🤪

We headed over to Twitter to find the "toxic traits” people have aired out on their accounts.  Some are genuinely fascinating, while some are too funny (not to mention totally relatable) that we needed to share them with you. Keep scrolling! 

  1. Setting 100 alarms that I simply ignore every morning
  2. Joining Zoom calls one minute late
  3. Anytime I get a compliment, I require two-step authentication by asking "really 🥺"
  4. Being nosy. I don't even care, but I want to know. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I think I'm 100% convinced I can fight even though I am the size and density of a chipmunk
  6. Thinking I could have been a pop star if my parents had been more supportive in my youth
  7. That money means literally nothing to me when I'm drunk
  8. I reply to people in my head and forget to text back
  9. Is putting off an easy and trivial 15-minute task for three weeks to the point where it builds such great anxiety that it becomes nearly impossible for me to start, let alone complete. 
  10. I think that every Wednesday is already Thursday
  11. Acting sober when I'm actually blacked out
  12. Starting to get ready whenever I get the "on my way' text
  13. Holding my pee when nothing is stopping me from getting up and going to the bathroom is my toxic trait
  14. My toxic trait is volunteering myself for things when the silence in the room becomes too unbearable. So now I'm in a vice-chair, and I have no clue what I'm doing.
  15. My toxic trait is thinking I can always arrive in 10 min 😅
  16. Is that I swear I'm talking in a normal pitch, but I'm actually screaming
  17. Waking up on time but laying in bed until I'm late
  18. Forgetting someone's name right after we shake hands the first time we meet
  19. Checking my bank account, hoping I got some random deposit
  20. Putting leftovers in the refrigerator, knowing I'm not going to touch them again
  21. Asking four different people for advice and then doing whatever the hell I want
  22. Not letting anyone else clean because it's not clean unless I clean it. And then getting angry when no one helps me clean.
  23. I never speak up; I just get mad and distance myself til I'm not angry anymore.
  24. Thinking anything less than a 7-hour drive isn't that far
  25. Being productive for 20 minutes and then giving myself a 2-hour break
  26. Is always needing background noise to do literally anything
  27. I feel like I could represent myself in court 🤣
  28. Thinking I could go through my lecture notes in one night for my exams tomorrow
  29. Driving as if speed limits and the police don't exist
  30. Being so unnecessarily nice to people that they end up thinking I am interested in them.
  31. Eating the lunch I brought to work as a snack at 10 am 
  32. I am constantly interrupting people. 😟 I don't mean to! I just get excited and need to interject.
  33. Getting mad at the drivers around me going the speed limit
  34. I buy Tums for the right reasons and then end up eating them like they're tic tacs

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