Nourish and Protect Your Nails With nami Cuticle Oil

Nourish and Protect Your Nails With nami Cuticle Oil

Tapping, kneading, typing, and handwashing are only some of the things that our hands go through in our day-to-day routine. Just like our skin, our nails deserve to have a moisturising treatment, too! By taking care of your cuticles the right way, you can give yourself a refreshing treatment at home by just putting oil on your cuticles. In our daily routine, it’s important to use cuticle oil to protect the nails from dryness and ensure nail hydration.

Read on if you are curious to know the reason why cuticle oil is being called the secret weapon for healthy nails!

1. Key to healthy looking nails 

The nami cuticle oil is formulated with a combination of jojoba oil and rose oil, which moisturises the nails as it locks in moisture deep into the nail bed. Apply cuticle oil to the area around your nails to nourish and soften them. This will give your nails the glossy look you want. Aside from that, massaging cuticle oil on your fingers and hands on a daily basis can help to improve blood flow around them. 

2. Heal damaged cuticles

If you are tired of seeing your nails cracked, damaged, or dry, the nami cuticle oil can deliver repair and hydration to the cuticles since it also has vitamin E, which can eliminate yellow nail syndrome and maintain healthy nail properties. When our nails are cracked, bacteria can seep through the nails, which can also cause infection and further damage. Thus, it’s important to maintain a proper nail care routine to stimulate healthy nail growth.

3. Make manicures last longer

Nail polish lovers want to level up their nail designs by trying out acrylics or extensions. However, this greatly affects the condition of our nails, as it can make them brittle and damaged. Instead, we suggest conditioning the nails with a cuticle oil to make nail polish last longer, as it can lessen paint chipping and prevent nail damage.

4. Adds shine

Aside from its health benefits, people invest in cuticle oil to enhance the shine on their nails. It also helps in exfoliating nail beds, which can eliminate dead skin and repair skin damage like scars or burns around the nail bed.

If you need tips on using nami natural’s cuticle oil, we’re here to show you the best way to have perfectly prepped nails.

1. Brush a few drops

This non-toxic and nail-nourishing formula is very easy to use. The packaging allows you to take out the right amount for each nail by brushing a few drops on a daily basis to yield optimal results.

2. Massage onto the nail 

Gently massage the cuticle for a few minutes, and you’ll notice strong, glossy, and healthy nails! However, if you will be applying nail polish, make sure to wipe your nails before treating yourself to a manicure since the oil will not allow the polish to stick to the nails. As an alternative, you can opt to apply cuticle oil once your nail polish has dried.

3. Be consistent

Consistency is definitely the key when applying cuticle oil to your nails to ensure they are healthy and well-hydrated. It may be a simple process, but it has lots of benefits!


Applying cuticle oil should be part of our self-care routine because it protects and moisturises our nails for a long time. This is especially important now that hand soaps and alcohols contain chemicals that dry out our skin. In these cases, the cuticle oil truly helps in improving the health and appearance of the nail.


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