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What is 18-Free Nail Polish?

Traditionally, nail polishes are laden with chemicals that can be harmful to everyone. You might not have given too much thought to it, but the dizziness you experience when doing your nails is not good. In fact, if you suddenly get a headache, that's a clear sign that your polish has a few ingredients that are not safe and healthy for you. Thanks to the clean beauty movement, consumers are now more aware or conscious of what they are putting on and in their bodies nowadays. 

For those who are looking to make a switch to clean polish, buzzwords like organic, non-toxic, all-natural, and eco-friendly might have been your guide into buying the right products for you. But did you know that you can also look for labels with "10-free", "12-free", and even better ", 18-free" when purchasing new nail polishes? Keep scrolling to know more about 18-free nail polish and what makes it healthy nail polish.

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The new standard for water-based nail polish

Nail polishes that say #-Free actually refers to the number of toxic ingredients not included in the formulation, which you would typically find in conventional nail polish brands. At first, makers of healthy nail polishes removed the toxic-trio: dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. But since many alternatives have later been discovered as harmful, the number keeps increasing. So fast forward to now, nami has created a nail polish formulation that is free from these 18 harmful toxins found in traditional nail polish - hence the label 18-free.



















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What are the benefits of 18-free nail polish?

Rather than oils or any other chemical solvent, 18-free has a water-based formulation that makes it safer to use on fingernails - especially on sensitive skin. In addition, brands that create "clean" nail polishes often offer a mouthful of vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified benefits to any nail care lovers.

What's even more impressive is that 18-free actually has a wide range of polish colours and finishes that perform as well as the traditional nail care you're used to. They come off just as quickly as other polishes you've tried, as well. 

If you have sensitive skin, non-toxic nail polish may also deliver a lower risk of developing contact dermatitis. It can even preserve the internal moisture needed for maintaining strong, healthy nails. 

The takeaway...

Want to keep questionable ingredients and dangerous chemicals away from you while maintaining a beautiful and luxurious polish on your nails? 18-free is the way to go. Not only is 18-free cleaner and safer, but you also don't have to sacrifice any of the great qualities you want in a polish, like colour, wear time, and shine. 

If you prefer to play it super safe and seek healthier alternatives to nail polish, check out our line of nail polishes. With our nail polish being 18-free, it is an excellent choice for health-conscious adults, kids, and teens to express themselves while enjoying the safety that comes from using more natural nail polish.

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