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easy on me

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classy girl collection

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nami double bundle
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  • free from 18 of the most harmful ingredients found in conventional nail polish
  • dries in 60 seconds
  • odour free
  • PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free
  • hypoallergenic & dermatologist-approved


  • Polyurethane
  • Propylene glycol
  • Stearalkonium bentonite
  • Hyaluronic acid, pigments
  • Natural ingredients that are nail-nourishing

Honest reviews from verified customers

Based on 160 reviews
beach baby - mini summer nail polish bundle

such a nice set!

marry me - mini bridal nail polish bundle

happier than ever
Sheina Anacin

Elegant & Classic

water-based topcoat
Teresa Milagros Narciso
Great Shine!

Love the added shine from this topcoat !

easy on me
Kyla Valencia

I love the it! Its my first time to try a nail polish, so far its easy to use & glide on the nails. The colors are my aesthetic too. Will purchase again!

never worn white
Sherry Vergara

I ordered two items, but only received one. However, the company's customer service was top-notch. They were very gracious and quickly sent me the missing item, making the whole process very smooth sailing. Overall, I love their products, and to top it off, I received the nail file for free! Highly recommend!

water-based topcoat
Liezl Gutierrez

water-based topcoat

never worn white
Mary Jean Palabrica

Good quality

easy on me
Eirene Marie Salazar
Easy on me

Aside from the color and smooth finish, I love that it’s odor and toxin free. Just what I needed. Thanks, Nami!

dancing in the sky
Carmel Dayrit
I simply love it!

It's been my favorite ever since i used it. I couldn't say more

easy on me
Jannet de Lara
Love it

I love how it dries fast. My suggestion is to put a label on the bottle itself so that we can recall the name of the product if needs a review or re purchase. I don’t have the box anymore.

blood red lips
Carmel Dayrit
Blood red lips review

I like that it is vegan and all natural, i just think it's not that red for me, it's more like very dark pink. I need to coat 3 to 4 times before i can get the red shade that i want. I hope you can improve the shade so that its name "Blood Red" can be kept. It's just the shade but everything else about it, i love ❤️😊

marry me - mini bridal nail polish bundle

Great products

Came in a nice package. Applies easily and dries fast. Not toxic and does not chip off. Thank you for this perfect polish for my nails.


So nice and i love the colors ..😊

I love it! 🥰🥰🥰

classy girl collection

I love your products. I have ordered from you multiple times already. I really love the colors of your nail polish. And I love the nail polish remover, too. Since they’re water-based, it is safe for me to use, eventhough I am currently undergoing chemo. At least, I can still have great nails 😉

Nice, neat looking nails in 30 seconds!

Just the thing to put on your nails if you want a pro, neat look in a cinch.

the green leaves of summer
Jennifer Aquino Diola
Green Leaves of Summer is totally my new fave!

It’s super nice on my nails. It complements my complexion. I thought it’s too dark at first but it’s super nice! I can put once if I want lighter shade and put more if I want darker

water-based topcoat
malou tobias

water-based topcoat

2nd order

On my first order, the products’ promises were all true like no smell and quick dry. I really loved the products. I only had a problem with their delivery, but they made up for it and delivered. I gave that first order 4 stars only because of the delivery problem. Then i made this 2nd order, products are still great and i love it, the delivery this time was smooth. This deserves 5 stars! Looking forward to their new products if they plan to make new ones and will definitely order.

don't call me angel
Andrea Montemayor
Love the colors!

Its so beautifully made ❤️Easy to apply and it suites any occasion ❤️❤️

2nd order

This is my 2nd order from nami, i am very happy and satisfied. The items are complete. I havent tried any of the polishes yet, but i am sure that it works as promised bec i have already tried some from my 1st order. The delivery this time was very smooth and fast. 5 stars!