how to remove nami nail polish

Your nails have been looking great, but you're ready to take off that water-based nail polish to either give your nails a rest or try out our other nail polish colors. In that case, here are the best ways to do so:

remove by peeling it off

remove by soaking


use a water-based nail polish remover

One of the best things about our nail polish is that you can easily peel it off your nails! It's just like any sticker that you peel off the back of your notebook.

Don't worry! It wouldn't damage your nail plate or remove the natural layer off your nails.

If you're not ready to peel off your nail polish, you can also remove it by soaking your fingers and toes in warm water for 5 minutes.

You could also remove your polish while taking a warm bath or shower!

If you're in a hurry and would rather use a remover, we highly recommend using our water-based nail polish remover.

Unlike typical nail polish removers that are harsh on your nails and skin, our water-based, toxin-free nail polish remover is made with a gentle formula that nourishes and protects your nails! Check it out here.