What Nail Polish Goes With Your Everyday Look

Have you ever wondered which nail polish goes well with your clothes? We’re not just talking about having the same colour from head to toe, like a red hat, red top, red pants, red nails, red shoes, and a red bag. 

We’re talking about which nail polish goes well with what’s inside your wardrobe. Believe it or not, there is nail polish for every piece of clothing you have. 

Let’s take a look at what we have for you!



happier than ever

 Be happier than ever when you wear your favourite clothes with this nail polish! One of the best things about wearing a softer pink nail polish is that it works with all skin tones. Plus, it’s perfect for your sun-kissed skin!

This polish is known as the bridesmaid's choice because it goes well with weddings. Everything goes with blush nails, unlike deeper shades of pink where colours clash.

It looks classy and sophisticated, while keeping you young.




never worn white

If you love the colour white on your nails, then wearing bright colours is the way to go! There’s something about the boldness of white and the flare of bright colours that just makes it right. It adds that extra "oomph" to your look. 

Another trait that we love about the colour white is that it’s great for many skin tones, seasons, and events! So if you’re racking your brain on what goes well with your blue outfit for the day, go with our never worn white polish.




blood red lips

If you’re aiming for that timeless look, red is the way to go. Our blood red lips nail polish is bright, fashionable, iconic, and classic. 

This hue of red nail polish works with every style. From classy to formal to casual, etc. Whether you’re wearing a shirt and jeans or switching it up to a long gown for an event, you’re going to look iconic. 




don't call me angel

Moving on to a deeper red colour, our don’t call me angel nail polish is a colour you should not be shy about. This deep red shade is so elegant and timeless, it can easily be matched with any outfit. 




love to hate me

Grey works year-round in your wardrobe! Spring and summer call for lighter shades like love to hate me. It goes well with a white dress or suit and looks great with it.

Grey pairs well with white, green, red, yellow, orange, and pink for summer. These hues pair well.

love to hate me is ideal for the colder months. These sombre greys pair beautifully with leathers and denim.




Choosing the right nail polish for your outfit of the day has always been a challenge. Now with this list, you can mix and match however you want. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your style! With the list of options we gave you, you no longer need to change your nail colour every other day. You can stick to one depending on your style for the week! 

Not only will you look fabulous with nami nail polish, you’ll also experience healthier nails in the long run. nami’s nail care products are made without 18 harmful chemicals typically found in nail polish. This means you won’t have to worry about the possible negative effects of wearing nail polish regularly. What's more is that it’s easy to paint and repaint, water-based, and chip resistant, and to top it all off, it’s PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free!


Take a look at all of our nail polish and be sure to check it out!

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